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How to Locate Wall Studs - What's behind your wall?

Did you know you could mount your flat screen TV to a multitude of different wall surfaces, including wood studs, metal studs, brick and concrete? In this short article, we will explain everything you need to know!

What is a wall stud?
A stud is a vertical support member located behind your wall. The dry wall that makes up your walls are not free standing; Instead, they are supported by these vertical supports called Studs. In the United States, wall studs are usually 16inches from center-to-center. However, in some areas of the country wall studs are 24” apart center-to-center. To be 100% confident that the wall mount you purchase will work with your studs, refer to the “compatibility checklist” on each product webpage. This will provide back plate dimensions so you can make sure the back plate will span the width of your studs.

How do wall studs relate to TV mounting?
You should never attempt to mount to dry wall alone! By mounting your TV through the dry wall and into the stud you will achieve a much stronger anchor and your TV will be securely mounted. Our TV mounts will have pre-drilled holes in the mounting plate to accommodate studs that are 12, 16 and 24 inches apart. And some of our mounts can be mounted into a single stud.

How do I locate wall studs?
The easiest way to locate studs behind the wall is to use an electronic stud finder. You simply move these handheld devices along the wall and it indicates when there is a stud present behind the wall. We offer an inexpensive, high-quality stud finder here at ArmorMount. You can also use the old-fashioned “knock on the wall with your hand” technique. Most of the time you can hear space behind the wall indicating there is no stud present. When the sound changes (echo goes away), you know there is a stud behind your hand. This method does work but is often less accurate, you don’t want to have “oops” holes in your wall to fix later. Do yourself a favor and pickup a stud finder.

What types of surfaces can I mount my TV to?
Many! The most common surfaces for mounting are dry wall (sheetrock), brick and concrete. When dealing with brick and concrete there is no worrying about studs. You simply anchor the mount straight into the wall. Our mount kits come with all the hardware you will need to mount to dry wall, brick and concrete. Although uncommon, if your residence/business has metal studs in the wall you will need to pick up metal stud anchors at your local hardware store. Luckily, this will only cost you a few dollars.