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How to Mount a TV to the Wall

First, you need to choose a location. Consider where the majority of your viewers will be sitting. The midline of the TV set should be around the eye-level of the viewer. While most TV’s are designed to be viewed at multiple angles, the best angle is always straight on. Next, if you’re mounting into drywall you need to locate your wall studs using a stud finder. If you’re mounting into brick or concrete you don’t need to worry. You can mount anywhere on the wall!

Now that you have your spot picked out draw where the midline of your TV will be on the wall. Try to make the line level with the ground, using a leveler is helpful. If you do not own one it is still OK, we will adjust for it later. Use pencil so you can erase the markings.

Next, hold up the mount’s wall plate to your midline. Pencil in where the holes in the wall plate will meet the wall so you know where to drill. Make sure all holes are equidistant from the floor to ensure you’re mounting level. Note: Most of our mounts allow the tv to be adjusted from side-to-side on the back plate, even after the back plate is secured to the wall.

Use the included hardware to anchor your mounting plate into the wall, be sure to line up the holes with the markings you previously made on the wall. If you’re mounting into Sheetrock, make sure you anchor into the wall studs. Test that the backplate can bear weight.

Lay down a clean towel on the floor and carefully place your LCD or Plasma screen face down on the towel exposing the back. Now you will attach the vertical mounting brackets to the rear of the TV. Sometimes the 4 mounting holes on the back of TV are not apparent at first. If they have removable caps covering them, use a flat-head screwdriver or other tool to pop them out. Use the included hardware to securely attach the mounting brackets to the TV. Make sure everything is tight and slowly pull up on the mount to verify it is secure and is bearing the weight of the TV.

Use the included hardware to attach the TV and mount to the mounting plate on the wall. You will most likely need a second person for this step depending on how heavy your TV is. Once securely attached, slowly release the TV allowing the mount to carry the weight. Congrats, you’re done!