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5 Reasons to Mount your Flat Screen TV

There are many benefits to mounting your flat screen TV, we will cover the top 5 here.

1. Save Space
Placing the TV on a piece of furniture is not very practical. You will need to find yourself a suitable table, home entertainment stand or object to place under the screen. This table will undoubtedly take up more space in your living area. You also have to make sure you trust the stand to support your TV (big investment). Save yourself the trouble and space, mount your TV.

2. Achieve a Sleek Look
Hanging your TV on the wall adds to your rooms décor. You can hide your TV’s wires to create an ultra-clean and stylish look for your room. Most mounts leave your TV between 1 and 3 inches from the wall. People also create photo slideshows to play when nobody is watching TV, doing this essentially turns your TV into a really cool wall photo album. A great idea for entertaining guests!

3. Optimal Viewing Angle
Mounting your TV on the wall is not done arbitrarily. There is an optimal viewing angle for maximizing your viewing experience. The height chosen is meant to achieve an optimal viewing angle when watching the television. This is important to ensure you won’t develop neck or eye strain from watching at the wrong height. It also ensures your enjoying the full capability of your high definition screen. See How High should I Mount My Flatscreen TV for more on how to choose the proper height.

4. Mounting yourself is Easier than you Think
Mounting a Plasma or LCD TV is much simpler than you may think. The whole job can be completely in under an hour by 1-2 people… we recommend 2 people for heavier screens. All our kits come with complete hardware sets to meet the needs of almost all mounting scenarios. See our article on How to Mount a TV to the Wall for more information.

5. Flat Screens are meant to Mounted
LCD and Plasma TV’s are designed with Mounting in mind. These TV sets will have holes in the rear that are attachable to TV mounts by bolts. Almost all sets are VESA compatible but we will supply the proper adapter if your TV is not. Enter your TV brand and size on our homepage to find the proper mount for your TV. See our article TV VESA Compatibility, Explained for more information.